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  • Where can I purchase your products?
    Our products are only available through distributors. Please visit our "Distributors" page for help finding the dealer nearest you. Or ask your current supplier to contact us about carrying our line of products.
  • Can your products be purchased for use in human care?
    No. Our products are designed, produced, and packaged strictly for use by licensed veterinarians. Any other use may be a violation of both state and federal laws.
  • Can I use a fecal loop more than once?
    No. Our fecal loops are single use only. The reuse of a fecal loop may result in transfer of infection or disease and may also result in inaccurate test results.
  • Can I use one otoscope cone for both ears on the same animal?
    No. This is unadvisable as you may inadvertently transfer infection from an unhealthy ear to a healthy one. Each cone is considered to be single cone, one ear.
  • How quickly can I get my order for personalized leashes?
    Personalized leash orders take 4 to 6 weeks from the date the orders is received by our office.
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